We Have Seen His Glory

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“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father…” John 1:14

Almost every Friday morning I wake up, grab my phone and scroll the new music section of Apple Music. I walk through category by category looking for artists I know, and more excitingly, artists I don’t. 30 years of music collecting and you can develop an eye for good music by the design of their cover (which is about all you have to go by with streaming services).

But I do miss the days of CD’s and Cassettes. I remember, even as a 10 year old, getting a new tape and before I ever put it in my walkman, I’d devour the liner notes. I had to know who did the production, who did the guest vocals, everything. I would (and still do) mental map where I’ve seen these names before and how they influenced other artists.

All of the small details made the whole of the quality of the experience multiply.

It is that type of near obsessive desire for detail that John is expressing when he pens the phrase “We have seen His glory…” John is drawing from a word that means more than casual observation. It is someone who is taking note of what they are seeing, then reflecting on it in their hearts. It’s someone who is marked by a sense of wonderment. It’s someone deliberately seeks out the details and hones in on a correct perspective of what they are laying their eyes on.

It’s this type of “seeing” that we are to bring when we consider Jesus – not just during the Christmas season, but daily. All the details of His character matter and must be put into perspective in our life and in our world. And as we approach all of who He is with wonderment, we know that we can never fully comprehend His bigness, His goodness or His closeness.

This Christmas season, let’s collectively seek to see Him clearer than ever before. His glory is there to be found. And as we reflect on that glory, it makes our experiences in His presence that must richer.


Pastor Cris Buck