“Just Another Sunday…”

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Hello Friends,

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you….

Sundays can often feel like a “reset day” for me… Sunday arrives and I feel so thankful and blessed to be able to worship and hear about Jesus in a safe space with friends and family. I am on fire for Jesus and sing about how I am going to “surrender everything” and “put all my focus on him”.

Then Monday hits…. Motivation to be fed by the scripture diminishes and that fire begins to dwindle throughout the week.


Following Jesus is not an easy task, especially when everything in today’s culture is pointing away from the correct path. We get distracted. We get lost. We simply choose to do other things…

How can we stay focused throughout the week and use Sundays as a BOOST to our faith rather than a “reset day”?

Like I said before, I am no pro at this…. If I am being honest, I fall short frequently… BUT I would love to share some resources that help me throughout the week to stay focused on God’s word and stay grounded in my faith.


  • THE PAUSE READING PLAN: This is something that WSFC mentions frequently, and for good reason! This is a Bible plan WSFC created and I love it for a few reasons: The readings are short and sweet, yet, I am always able to get something good out of it! This is also a plan that our church community reads together! You can find devotional videos on our website and know that we are learning and growing together!
  • SMALL GROUPS: Finding your community is extremely important in staying encouraged and strong in your faith. Winter Groups are launching in a couple weeks and there is no better place to find and build community. Get yourself signed up for a group!

WSFC is praying for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our pastors and prayer team to tell us how you’re doing!

See you SUNDAY!

Pastor Joshua Fehlen