Kid’s Ministry at WSFC

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As your church’s lead kids pastor, when I was asked to contribute to this week’s blog, I decided this was the perfect week to sing the praises of the volunteers of WSFC’s Children’s Ministry.

You guys remember that whole Covid-19 thing? I start there because the life of our ministry is no longer the same as it was before that time. People are different. The world is different. School and church are different, and our kids are different. As a mom of three, I can say first hand that the impacts of the worldwide pandemic are daily present in the way that our kids our growing up. So much changed for them so quickly and they are still processing and learning and questioning what “normal” looks like for them now.

So when we started to rebuild our team and welcome back old members while adding new members, I realized that this group of people is so special. They started by just saying “yes”. Realizing that there is a whole lot going on right now and we need calm, present, consistent voices speaking the love of God into these little hearts weekly, they saw the need and stepped in to help.

This team of people that leads the future of WSFC on a weekly basis is so wonderful and my pride as a pastor is overflowing. From soothing sweet toddlers who are scared and have barely left mom, to finding answers to life’s questions in the word, to just being a silly grown up who will sit down and color pictures with them. Even those bright happy faces you see first thing in the morning at check-in. I have seen this team selflessly give and be a presence in the lives of children every Sunday. And if you ask them, they will tell you that we have our imperfect days, but hearing a 2nd grader recite a bible verse from memory, or helping a new family get settled in, or getting a gigantic hug from a 4-year-old is a reward that can only be received when you first give.

So while I cannot say enough how proud I am of this team and the work they do, there is still work to be done. Our ministry is growing in size, and creating a safe environment for our kids to continue their relationship with Jesus can only happen if its people answer the call. If you have ever thought about serving with kids but maybe have some hesitation or questions, please feel free to reach out. There are so many parts of this team I am confident that if you come with a heart to serve, we will find a space for you to use your best gifts to further the Kingdom of God.

And in the meantime, if you see a children’s ministry volunteer on a Sunday, give them a high five, or a hug, or a cup of coffee! They have more than earned it.


Brittany Dunklin

Lead Children’s Pastor