Baptism Sunday!

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I am currently at that age where many of my friends have either recently had a baby, or are expecting a baby. This means that my family is invited to many birthdays, baby showers, gender reveal parties, etc.


We love celebrating new life with our friends! However, have you noticed there are not too many opportunities in which we get to celebrate our new life in Christ? One of the main ways to celebrate someone making that decision to live their life for Jesus is with water baptism. We here at West Salem Foursquare Church love water baptisms! But why? What exactly does it mean to be water baptized?


Simply put, baptism is going public. It is the outward expression of the inward transformation of the heart. It’s allowing others to see the work God has been doing in out hearts and committing our lives to following him. This is cause for great celebration!


Our next baptism service is Sunday, April 30th. If you have yet to be baptized and are interested in doing so you can sign up at the info center in the lobby of the church or simply click here. And if you have already been baptized, come on April 30th ready to celebrate!


Pastor Jonathan Lewellyn