Mother’s Day and the Beauty of God’s Unconditional Love

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This one is for those of us with a complicated relationship with Mothers Day.


Whether you are away from your children or your mother geographically, relationally estranged from them or are celebrating your first (or 50th) Mothers Day without them on earth.


Whether you are childless for reasons of your own choosing, or for reasons you did not choose.


For those who will avoid social media and church all weekend, or doom scroll even though you know it will only complicate your soul.


You are known.  The God who intricately created you also knows the deep things of your soul. Things you may even be unaware of.  He knows you from a perspective void of a fallen nature.  He knows you perfectly.


You are loved.  The same God who knows you – all of you – has loved you for eternity.  Through all of the grief and the anger, He loves you.  Through the complicated way you’ve had to process healing, hope and restoration – He loves you.  Perfectly.


You are valued.  Your value is not determined by your fertility or the success of all your relationships.  Your value is hand written by the One who gave His life for you before you ever committed your life to Him. You are His child. You are His family.


You are graced.  For every season, every hardship, every victory, there is a grace given through the Holy Spirit that will empower you to continue to submit your whole heart to Jesus and take whatever next step forward He leads you to do.


And all of this is true whether society celebrates you this weekend or not.  Because God sits next to you wherever you are reading this, and will remain with you through it all.


No. Matter. What.

Pastor Cris Buck