Time spent with Him is every bit of Amazing

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It’s Denise and I am writing from Illinois as I have been here for the last week visiting my parents.  Every year in May we always go fishing at the Hennepin Canal.  My Dad grew up fishing there since he was old enough to walk and now that he is 85 he still fishes here but with a walker.  I wish you could see the smile on his face when he throws his pole in for a catch and the pure joy and laughter that follows when he reels in “the big one.”


This trip yielded 18 large mouth bass and 80 blue gill, but the memories made and the Joy in spending time with my mom and dad were the true treasure.


It reminds me of the story in the Bible in John 21 when the disciples were out fishing, doing what they knew and loved.  It was post Jesus’ death and resurrection and the disciples’ lives had been changed forever, yet in a slump of “what do we do now”, Peter decides to go back to what he’s always done.  He said, “I’m going fishing.”


They fished all night and got “skunked” so my dad calls it when you catch absolutely nothing. As the sun was coming up Jesus was on the shore, but they didn’t recognize him.  He asked the classic question…”Did you catch anything?” After hearing their resounding, “Not a thing,” Jesus tells them to cast their nets to the other side of the boat and they caught so many fish they weren’t strong enough to pull it in.


Instantly, Peter knew.  It was JESUS.


Memory is powerful.  Memories last a lifetime…Peter remembered the last time Jesus pulled this little stunt.  That was at the beginning, when Jesus called him for the first time.  And now three years later, so many stories, so many miracles, so much growth and discipleship…His life is changed forever.


That morning Peter and the disciples had breakfast with Jesus probably for the last time.  I’m sure they shared stories, laughed in amazement at each fish they ate, one being bigger than the next, and soaked up every moment they had with their Savior.


I don’t know if I’ll have another fishing trip with my Dad.  He’s 85 and his heart is only functioning at 20%.  I too like the disciples am soaking up every moment, storing each memory away deep in my heart.  Life is so short.


So as I pack my bags today to head back home to Oregon, I leave with so many new memories to hold dear, but two very important reminders I’ll share with you:


  1. Jesus will change your life forever, and time spent with Him is every bit of Amazing.  I highly recommend breakfast, although I personally would skip fish that early.  Grab your Bible and journal and spend some time reading His word written for you and just talk with Him.  That time shared will be priceless and the smile on His face when you do…well…you won’t want to miss it.
  2. Treasure the time you have with your family.  Honor your father and mother if you are so blessed to still have them with you.  Don’t take the time you have for granted.
  3. Go fishing.  Jesus did, and it’s fun!


May He bless you this week beyond what you could ever imagine.

Love you lots,


Pastor Denise Fehlen