The WSFC BIG THREE (Serving)

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I’ve never been a server at any type of restaurant.  But for at least 13 years of my life I worked as a barista at coffee shops of all kinds.


I’ve worked at two separate small church owned coffee shops serving coffee, sandwiches and nachos (where my love for queso developed) to mostly church people.


I’ve worked at a one man coffee cart inside of a large hospital serving busy surgeons one minute, and grieving patient’s families the next.


I’ve worked at a corporate coffee shop next to a convention center where one day is a line of scientist from Europe, and the next day is a line of dance moms and elementary school girls demanding all things caramel and strawberry and the next weekend is full of Comic Con enthusiasts who can’t comprehend that I’ve never seen a minute of Star Trek.


With the thousands of people I’ve rung up or made a drink for, one thing was always clear: One of the simplest ways to serve someone is to let them be heard and known.  Whether it was through a correct drink order (and maybe even spelling their names right), a thoughtful question that broke up the hustle of their day, or simple eye contact and a smile, I knew that my ability to be present with the person in front of me and having a sensitive ear to the Holy Spirit could make even the slightest positive impact on a person’s day.


We watch that same calm, deliberate demeanor in Jesus. He could be in a crowd of sick people and make one paralyzed man with a mat feel like he was the only one there by asking a single question (John 5:1-8).  He could make an outcast woman at a well feel seen – even as she was being called out of her life of sin. (John 4:1-26) And He could move past the betrayal of his friends to wash their feet (something I only suggest as a metaphor… if you’re my friend and reading this, your feet are gross and I will not touch them).


Jesus was able to make others feel seen because He knew who He was.  He could disrupt the chaos in someone’s heart to deliver a moment of peace, because He had peace.  And He could extend a call to change to someone that was so balanced with grace and truth because He was full of both.


He did that for them.  He does that for us.  And out of the abundance of what we’ve received from Him, he calls us to serve others in the same manner.


This week, practice slowing down your pace, notice those around you, and find someone who needs to be seen, encouraged, challenged and healed.  And serve them in the same way Jesus has served us.

Cris Buck