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For about 400 years before the first Christmas, God was silent.

In God’s silence, His people were anticipating the arrival of the Savior.

Many generations passed without seeing that day – yet God’s people actively waited.

And then, seemingly out of no where, the day came and Christ emptied Himself and was born a man – fully God, but also fully man.


Salvation was here – yet that Help still required waiting.  Waiting for that baby to become a toddler. And for that toddler to become a teen.  And for that teen to continue to grow and mature and fulfill all He had to do here on Earth.


They could see the Savior, yet the salvation was still in process.  And some day soon, that salvation would be theirs.


And on this side of the cross, we have a different relationship with our Savior.  The work is finished.  Victory is won.  And yet there are still areas of our live which are weak and broken – areas where we can see the Savior, but salvation from our struggles is still in process.


This Christmas, as you reflect on your life and on this past year, be reminded that Christ is being formed in you (Galatians 4:19).  And that formation is a process – a process where you can see Him at work, but there is still much work to be done.  A process that will never be finished this side of eternity.  There will never be a “final boss” you have to beat and then be done with the game. (sorry, I’ve been playing video games with my son a lot lately)


Do not hurry the process.  Christ is patient to redeem us – and often our patience must slow itself down to the speed that He wants to work.


But He will be faithful to complete that work. In His time – which is eternal.  And in the meantime, we get to find rest in the grace and mercy that gives us what we don’t deserve and empowers us to do what we couldn’t do alone.

Have A Blessed Weekend

Cris Buck