Finding God in the Everyday

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“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.” Romans 12:1 (MSG)
A place to wash your hands.

A place for some incense.

A nice bar-b-q for some beef to cook.

A table for some bread.

A fancy curtain.

A big tent.


At face value – to the undiscerning eye – this may sound like the packing list for a nepo-baby’s trip to at Coachella.  (Ask someone in Gen-Z if this statement makes no sense) But these everyday, ordinary things were arranged by Israel in the wilderness, in a manner directed by God, as a place to encounter the the presence of God. They became what is now called “The Tent of Meeting” throughout the the life of Israel under Moses.


It was there that priests met with God on behalf of the people. It became a signpost of redemption for those who had been delivered from bondage. But there they were.  Everyday. Ordinary. Things. And because they were arranged with God at the center, they made way for powerful encounters with Him. Our life is full of the ordinary things as well.


Things we encounter day to day:  The pick up line at school.  The moments when we’re half-awake with a cup of coffee before anyone else wakes up.  Those times in the middle of the night when sleep is escaping us.  Putting our kids to bed.  Then putting them back to bed when they wandered out.  Being stuck in traffic.  Being alone in our apartment on a Thursday night.  Weeding the yard when all we want to do is… well anything but that.


Things around our house: That couch with the sunken cushion in the living room we wished was bigger.  The dinner table with cup rings we tried to buff out.  The adequately manicured backyard that gets just enough sun for a short picnic 3 months a year in Oregon.


All of these everyday, ordinary things in our life, when arranged with God at the center, can become meeting places with God. Places where you can encounter God alone. Places you can gather people to encounter God. Places where you can pray on behalf of others in hopes that God will show Himself to them.  These everyday ordinary things can become signposts of God’s redemption because of what happens in and around them. And what we do with them will determine what we get out of them.


So here is a challenge for you this weekend: Look back at the week you just had and identify some of the times, places and things that have become monotonous and reoccurring. Then ask the Holy Spirit this question:  “How can I arrange these to invite God to be the center of them?”  And if you’re real brave, ask a secondary question: “How can I arrange these to invite others around them – keeping God at the center?”  He’ll be faithful to give you an idea or two.  Or put someone across your path who may have an idea for you.  Just be patient –  the idea will come.


Your life can be very ordinary AND extraordinarily fulfilling simultaneously.  It will take the intentionality of ordering it in a way that keeps God at the center and people as a focus.


But it can happen.


Enjoy our first glimpses of sun and we’ll see you Sunday.

Cristopher Buck
Executive Pastor