Kids Camp is on the Horizon

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As a young child, kid’s camp was the one event I looked forward to the entire year. It couldn’t come fast enough and ended far too quickly. As camp wrapped up, I desperately longed for more. I always wondered why a winter camp wasn’t offered. Now, after spending a few years as a children’s pastor I know the answer. Even though we don’t offer a winter camp I do believe the camp we have during the summer is one of the greatest opportunities we can give the children and their families here at WSFC.

During the week of July 8th, we will be heading to Canby for the Greater Oregon Kid’s Camp. While at camp, friendships will be formed, lives will be changed and relationships with Christ will grow deeper. For some, this is the first time being away from home and for others, this is their final year at kid’s camp. We want to encourage every child to join us this year and make lifelong memories at the same time. No matter if kids are at the swimming pool or the river fishing, I know  Christ will meet them wherever they are and will begin a transformation within them as only He can. Camp is a great place to see this take place.

Preparing for kid’s camp can be quite the task and you might be asking how you can help. To simply put it, Pray! Pray for everyone, the kids, their families, the churches represented, the administration, the leaders, Emily, and myself. Pray over Canby Grove and its staff which make camp possible. Encourage your children and their friends to attend and if any questions come up, don’t hesitate to ask.

My goal is to see all kids in grades 3-6 attend camp this year. Wouldn’t it be amazing to show up with hundreds of other campers to worship and learn more about God? If anyone is on the fence about sending their child, please just do it. Say Yes and let God do the rest, I promise you won’t regret it.

Register by clicking the link below!

Children’s Pastor
Lorena Akerman